Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#divedivebaby Pulau Weh

Its been years since I planned to enroll for a dive course with Raudah, sometimes with Dee, and god know how may times me and Alia became excited for the fact that we are going to get certified later.

Well, it took us 4 years-later to get our license!

I guess this space is gonna be updated with my dive photos. I always wanted to make a full itinerary each time I visited or traveled to any place possible, but hey, procrastination will leads to nothing. Haven't I learned anything from the past results of procrastination? Meh.
So nada.

Guess this is my 2016 resolution, to write more! Maybe. We will see. Teehehehe.

Destination: Pulau Weh, Acheh

Kuala Lumpur to Acheh:
Air Asia flight to Banda Acheh.
Costs: 125RM per person

From Airport to Jetty:
400 000 Rp per van

Ferry Ticket (Fast Ferry)
75 000 Rp per person,

Jetty to Pulau Rubiah:
50 000 Rp per person.

So that's roughly the transportation costs one way to reach Pulau Weh.

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