Monday, April 26, 2010

u never ask

thats the problem.

how am i doing?
how am i today?
is there anything on my mind that bothering me?
u dont know.
one thing i know, im good today. but i dont know how about tmrow.

mara oh mara

i went to Medan MARA next to Pertama Kompleks to settled my scholarship with mara, to apply for the conversion. done with all the forms and they print out the total hutang, mak aih, sikit lagi boleh dpt Honda City. ahaahahah. and they said that we have to pay start from rm100 for this coming June onwards every month and it will take 3 months for them to process and get back to me total amount that i have to pay.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

takde update pun lah!

Redbox IOI 25th April 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


jangan lupa yang satu ini.

its all about you

i feel like watching movie from early birds till midnight. boleh muntah tu. tapi early birds mcm impossible sebab ade orang tak suka bgn pagi. hhaha!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

and i swear, you're just like a pill.

instead of making me better, you keep making me ill.

another random post

1- really hate that time of the month. i feel like throwing up and slept the whole day yesterday. but i hv to attend training, so yeah, no sleep until 10pm. thank you minyak yu yee cap limau. reduce the pain a lil bit.

2- career fair and pc fair today. from mid to kg. baru, took lrt to KL convec. penat wehhh. orang ramai gila nk mam***. rasa mcm nk patah pinggang berjalan. tambah2 ngn bau2 tak menyenangkan. omg. beli deodorant please?

3- be stronger. please.

4- i miss you. :D

5- my dad has been discharge from hosp 3 days after the operation. thank god. alhamdulillah.

6- i bought another external HDD. pink in colour yaw. hahahaha. its samsung btw. oh plus headphone. 19.90RM. :D

7- overall, i hate this week. bye

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

13 January 2009

an impromptu trip to Cameron Highlands. =)

totally random

right before i left office this morning, i felt the earthquake side effect which the office is kind of bergegar and it scares the hell out of me. trus pack2 balik and tgk news, there's an earthquake in Nothern Sumatera with 7.8 magnitude. quite huge. and i dont know if there's any kematian or what.

i need to reformat my office laptop to the new, simplified Windows 7 but there's an issue. i have lotsssss of things in my laptop and im sooo lazy to arrange everything and to back it up and to have it copied back to the laptop. what if ade file2 important yang hilang ke apa ke? cewah. alasan je semua tu. hahahahaha. so lets do a housekeeping to remove all the duplicate files and pictures and everything.

there's a kayak activity this weekend. on sunday exactly. but im still thinking whether to join or not. might be going for a wall climbing ths saturday. it's been a while since i climb. haha.

have to send my parents to lcct. they are going back to kelantan this friday to ziarah my auntie who just lost his husband few weeks ago. i wish i could join, tapi tu ah, kerja. :D

went to UTP last week. semua yang di plan tak menjadi. because of the weather. last2 duk kat UTP je. but its okay. i had fun. i went to Top 1, this western restaurant that have the most delicious cheese cake and the food also is not that bad, went to the famous batu gajah karoke for two days in a row. hahahaha, went to selasih mamak, and had the cheese nan and tandoori chicken. the cheese nan is still fabulous but the tandoori is not that good anymore. ouh, ameeth! hahaha. ordered maggi goreng, and didn't finished it up. not really in the mood to indulge the maggi goreng. how i love utp and people in it. :D

the day that i wanted to settled my hutang with UTP, time tu la all the atm machines is not working. i went to Taman Maju, all the atms and petrol station, semua Out Of Service. whattt the. so last option, i drove to batu gajah, which was quite far, not that far but bila dah lmbat, rasa mcm jauh la, nk kejar office hour lagi, takut Finance tutup. last2 i made it to the Finance counter just to find out that they have this machine yang boleh guna ATM card tu. i was like, whatt??? berpenat lelah i drove to batu gajah and buat tawaf kat Taman Maju, rupa2 nya i can simply go to Finance and give them my atm cards. what a day. aiyooooo. tapiiiii, at the end i got my transcript and my degree cert! hahaha. orang lain dah berkurun dpt. tu ah, sape suruh kena saman smp ratus2. pffffft.