Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I attended Financial Class with former banking executive, sponsored by my company to cater youngsters who earn few Ks on salary a month to manage their money better. The 1-day class was quite fulfilling as he started with common mistakes that we youngsters made when we started working.

Of course the big mistake was the double C, credit card. I don't want to talk about the credit card because I am guilty for making this mistake. It started with 'Okay i want to have this credit card so that its easy for me to pay for Petrol'. Sounds familiar? That might be you too.

So I paid the price, literally and last year, I cancelled all my card except for 1, the company credit card that gives me quite a lot of discounts for Petrol. (and now I am back with 2, see the trend here?)
Guilty as charged.

So long story short, i followed the teacher's lead and advice, and started to plan on few projects.
One is a small projects that involved me and my partner (not life partner, hahahah).
Two, my personal project. How to manage my assets/money better.
Three, try and error.

We'll see how far this would go. I know that these projects are not an easy-money-10k-income-perday-drive-mercedes kind of projects, but i am planning to go with the flow, and dive deep in between.

Wish me luck guys.
Insya Allah. With Allah's will.

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