Monday, October 19, 2015


Its a lyrics, which turned into a real invitation.
Its an emotion, that made her accept. 
Where, she didn't even notice him before.
Never crossed her mind. 

But his smell, turn it all upside down. 
And him. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I attended Financial Class with former banking executive, sponsored by my company to cater youngsters who earn few Ks on salary a month to manage their money better. The 1-day class was quite fulfilling as he started with common mistakes that we youngsters made when we started working.

Of course the big mistake was the double C, credit card. I don't want to talk about the credit card because I am guilty for making this mistake. It started with 'Okay i want to have this credit card so that its easy for me to pay for Petrol'. Sounds familiar? That might be you too.

So I paid the price, literally and last year, I cancelled all my card except for 1, the company credit card that gives me quite a lot of discounts for Petrol. (and now I am back with 2, see the trend here?)
Guilty as charged.

So long story short, i followed the teacher's lead and advice, and started to plan on few projects.
One is a small projects that involved me and my partner (not life partner, hahahah).
Two, my personal project. How to manage my assets/money better.
Three, try and error.

We'll see how far this would go. I know that these projects are not an easy-money-10k-income-perday-drive-mercedes kind of projects, but i am planning to go with the flow, and dive deep in between.

Wish me luck guys.
Insya Allah. With Allah's will.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I was walking down that long road full of shops and people and conversations.
Some were haggling, some were just staring, and then, me;
Thinking, wishing, hoping that you were here
Together through the hustle and bustle that this city offers. 
But then reality hits.
We were miles away;
Body, mind, and soul. 
And love. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arriving in Lombok


Lombok welcomed us with a heavy rain. It is 640pm now and the visibility from our flight to the ocean view down below is almost zero. 

Trying my best to write as much as possible for this trip. Hey, its my first time here, so yeah, i'm excited !

Monday, January 5, 2015

Trying out the new(last year) restaurant in SA Town

Someone started his first day with a new company in Shah Alam today and it is fitting that we had our dinner in SA town to just get in the mood with SA town. Aha.

I suggested the restaurant by our local designer, Jovian, Roa by Jovian Mandagie located at the older side of S7 (near Hakim restaurant), not at the new side where Jakel, and his own boutique located at.