Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to reality, so long jakarta!

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Jakarta Day 3

Time to go home. But we gonna make a detour to tanah abang first because mommy wants to buy another telekung for her friends. Smalam kira2 skali xcukup utk semua orang. Pfft!

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Jakarta Day 3

Places I went yesterday,

Tanah Abang - there are 12floors in this gedung. Only to know the 2nd block, which is Block B is about to open/already open. Not sure. The best part is, a very big masjid is build at the roof. Ramai gila orang okay, memang patut ade masjid.

Monas - shortcut for monument nasional. the normal monument u can find in any big city.

Block M Square - its the same like Plaza Alam Sentral, haha. I find it quite boring. Been there less than one hour.

Plaza Indonesia & Grand Indonesia - 2 luxury mall just like pavillion KL. Went there to buy the hard rock tshirt and because my brother want to buy some necklace for his GF. Kids nowadays -_-!

Thts all for now. The only reason I'm typing ths up is because I'm awake, and I can't continue my sleep. Pffft.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jakarta Day 2

Sekitar jalan bandaran jakarta

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

no Updates. revenge!

sorry guys,

i got caught up with this game. hahahahaha. i dont know about anyone else, but im realllllyyy into this game back in UTP. i even joined the Zuma competition and got 2nd place. hahahaha. guess what the prize is? the Green katak bear. its quite famous back then. i got a big green katak bear but i lost it when i left it in the Make up room when i danced for Convo. *sad* noww, lets get revenge! hihihi