Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i hate it when im having trouble to sleep

i didnt sleep in the office last night, so im supposed to be sleepy and i was hoping i could get a good sleep today. but nahhh, im not. here i am, blogging after

1) vacuum my room.
2) tepuk2 tilam, jemur kasi kluar sket apa jadah yang ada kat tilam.
3) bukak outlook, sambung kerja.

i think i would be sleepy once i eat my lunch but im fasting today, so the option tak boleh pakai already. so i guess another option is to go mandi and harap2 boleh tdo. zzzzzzz.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

stop telephoning me, im busy

  1. Trip to Nuang, cancelled.
  2. Jumpa bf, cancelled.
  3. so conclusion, mari kita tgk Konsert AF 8 malam ni. zzzzzzzzzz.

practice makes perfect.

alia said: baby, u supposed to be sad. its normal to be sad. mmg la sedih tapi lama2 okayla. u'll get used to it.
i said: practice makes perfect kan? i have to try.

senn said: kita tau, awak tak biasa, tapi kenala biasakan.
i said: practice makes perfect. kita try okay.

nad said: ape tah nad kata. lupa dah. hahahahaha

but the main point is, i have to practice.from now onwards. tak kesahla berapa lama pun kena practice, lama2 biasalah tu. as for me, experience is the best teacher. let me try to live with that. :)
thank you babiesss. hahahaha.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

yes i dont wanna know about that, but i do listen.

seriously. you pissed me off. i dont know what happened to you that you have to cut me off everytime im in the middle of telling stories or ranting about things that happened or singing or whatever shit that i always do, and said 'stop, i dont wanna know about that', 'do you think im interested to hear your story?', 'hmmm, takpela, aku taknak dengar..' whatt the?

but when its yourrrr turn to tell stories, i just cant help it but to hear every single word you said, not because im interested, its because u asked me to listen to you, and it is what people would do when someone is telling stories or ranting about a bad day, yes, LISTEN. and its not my nature to abaikan orang ckp sorang.. thats just me. so please, dont do that. i hate that. just listen. tak kesahla kau nk buat muka bosan gila nk mati ke apa ke, i dont mind as long as you dont go 'kau rasa aku nk dgr ke cerita kau?'.. aku tak suka. benci ah.hmm, bukan benci, sakit hati sebenarnya. pffftttt.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tasha tasha :P

hahahahahaha. tasha! i suka okay jawapan you! hahaha. soalan nak ngada2 je. shaaaaa, minggu depan i datang utp u jgn balik KL okay! hehehehehe. kita pergi movern peak, karoke kat batu gajah, lepak2 by the lake GELAK TAK HENGAT ( u get it?) hahahahahaha. rinduuuu~

btw, i asked tasha this question ' Do you love meeee?' hahaha.
and she answered this:

ahhh cik ainnabila! heheheh. harus la i love you.
nak reasons pun i can tell you why :

1)because you make the best soft cookies!
2)because you're such a sentimental sap and macam alahai baik nya dia ni, tengok orang nangis nangis jugak. hehe.
3)because you rajin nak layan i sembang
4)because you memang yang best tu.

ok tak jawapan i? complete tak? hehehe.

and if you feel like asking me any question, feel free to go here:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this is for you.

i know you are not feeling well,
i know you have a lot of things to do,
i know you are tired,
i know you are sick of whatever reports that you have to submit, assignments and tests,

tapi takpe,

you kan nk pg genting ths weekend,
you kan nk pg pangkor next weekend,
you kan nk pg bali sem break nanti.

you can do it lah.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Jakarta with love

oh, plus kain batik indonesia. thanks a lot =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland.

hahahahaha. yes lucky Alice.
but i guess, there is one more people exactly in the same state as Alice.
yes, Ain in Wonderland. hmmmm. mcm tak kena pulak.
whateverlah. Ain in Lalaland? hahaha. merapu, yes. babai!

7 things

there are few things i wish i could get my hands on by the end of this year hopefully.

-mixer. hahaha. dah lama wei tak bake.
-ticket to harbour town.
-ticket to kuta beach.
-bb bold 2.
-celebration (depends)
-nanti la add lagi. kalau ade.

im not on diet

wahai badan,
bersedialah untuk menghadapi sedikit penurunan.
tak2, bukan dietla. cuma dpt tempias dari adik yg tgh demam.
tu je. =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, i cant believe this.

yeah well, today is Saturday, March 13, everybody knows.
and yet, the one that i waited still nowhere to be seen.

i have no idea why it is hard for you to make it happen when it comes to me. you'd rather concern about other people, but not me. i dont mind, seriously i dont, but when you keep on doing the same thing over and over and over again, i just cant take it anymore.. im sorry. this is just what i feel right at this moment. i think we should have a kit kat.

-this is not PMS
--but on a second thought, maybe it is.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Buat Aku Tersenyum - Sheila on 7

the chronology:

January 24th: Day 1.

February 12th: Supposed to meet up, you supposed to came to me, but nada.

February 14th: kamu di Indon, saya di hutan.

February 16th: flight delay, not able to meet up.

February 20th: supposed to go to UTP, but KTMB ticket were sold out. and others cant make up their mind. so tak jadi lagi.

February 28th: took a train to tmn melati, to go to UTP, patah balik because he's coming to KL only for 4 hours.

March 12: tak jadi lagiii!!!! hahahah. what to do what to do.

March 13: well, kalau tak jadi jugak, tak tahula nk kata apa. =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

telefon dan menang!

hmmm. tau tak kenapa i suka masuk hutan?
sebab ade monyet bergayut.
because i didn't have the chance to do so.
pity me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the meaning

merayau punya merayau, last2 tersampai dkat website Himpunan Nama2 Islam.
Cari maksud nama...

Haziq: yang Cerdik, Pandai
Nabilah: yang Cerdik, mahir.
nama kita sma maksud la you. hehehe.

Nadiah - pembawa kesetiaan (dgr tu nad. ahaha)
Fara - kegirangan
Laila - Malam
Suraya - Nama Bintang
Bahiyah - Cemerlang, Indah
Alia - ketinggian
Aiman - Berkat, yang bertuah (nikme!)
Hasbullah - Jaminan Allah
Hakim - bijaksana
Hidayah - petunjuk
Aslina - Tender

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Hike to Gunung Dato, Seremban

anyone is interested? i might be joining the trip this weekend, and tak tny boss besar lagi bole ke tidak. nanti dia membebel, 'tak penat ke angah, nanti sakit kaki...' ahhaa. no harm trying rite? hehe. here is the picture frm our last hiking trip to Gunung Nuang in Hulu Langat. sakit jugakla kaki kering kurus comel ni. hahahaha.