Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to get the cheapest Air Asia ticket

let me tell you the trick, which is very easy peasy lemon squeasy! he he

1) Open the Air Asia website Daily!
this trick is only applicable for those who works in front of the laptop 7-5. like me. that's why i manage to book the desired date and time to travel anywhere that i planned earlier-this lead to 2nd trick.

2) Plan your date earlier!
get the dates ready. make it few sets of date so that if one is not available, opt for the second set. and so on. see, easy right?

3)subscribe to Airasia newsletter
they will send u email stating their latest promotion. lets say, RM1 promo, or LAst-Minute-Deal promo. then zasss, open the airasia website here! easy easy easy

4) let me be your reminder! hahahaha
you can let me know if you want me to buzz you guys in case Air Asia launch another crazy promotion. hahaha. i know, i'm AA fans. :P (another trip to Pulau Jawa ibuk!)

busy busy bee

right after i gained back my passion, i feel like im the busiest woman alive.
ahahahaha. i feel like i can do all the tasks, and i can deliver it on time. but the only thing that stop me from doing that is the result of staring tooooo long at the monitor that caused me headache. gahhh.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

come back to me, dear passion

for 3 months i keep thinking, what should i do to get back the focus and passion that has been missing from me for quite some time. i've tried to change the wallpaper, not happening. change the arrangement on my cubicle, not happening. change the way i eat, not helping. lastly, i changed my cubicle, to the end of the room, and apparently, i get back my passion and my focus. tehehehehe. i guess part of me believe this and another part of me believe that his decision is part of the comeback. :)
welcome back!

Bali 2010

suddenly i feel like writing again . because of some issue im having lately, its kinda pissed me off. at first i thought its just for a while, but when it doesn't stop at all until today, it got me thinking that this guy is having some psychotic problem. i dont know what else to say, but im pretty sure that he's very annoying.

in other note, here is some of the photos from my previous holiday in amaaaaaazing Bali. thehehe. seriously, 5 days 4 nights travel is not enough for Bali. right now im planning to get the cheapest ticket to Bali maybe in November or December. lets?

i will come up with the full 5days travelogue so that you guys can refer to this in case anyone of you are planning to go to Bali for your next holiday. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011